Of Grits and Politics

After some friends cooked some cheesy grits for my husband and me, I decided to try my hand at them.

The cookery gods were apparently not on my side that day as the mixture I prepared for the grits boiled over while I was busy washing my hands.

The second time around, the same thing happened, except instead of my half-and-half being wasted, I had water boiling over. I ended up over-salting the grits that time.

Sea salt goes a long way.

I made a third effort, which turned out much better.

Then today, I think I actually hit the mark!

You would think making grits isn’t that big of a deal or complicated, and it isn’t, but I guess my brain was divided into three thousand different directions. Multitasking is a good skill to have in the kitchen but can also be dangerous.

So prepare other parts of the food ahead! I was busy readying the bacon for frying when the grits boiled over. Cooking the bacon first would’ve made more sense, but I didn’t think of that until after I had started the grits…yeesh.

The wind chimes are dinging outside…I guess we have another storm coming up, JOY!

Anyway, I told my husband that I made grits, and his response was that it solidified that we are indeed poor white trash. I countered by asking if he really considered our friends who had prepared the cheesy grits and shrimp for us white trash, to which he admitted that they are not.

Then he informed me that anyone who cuts up hot dogs and puts them in macaroni and cheese…or ANYTHING…is categorically white trash.

Relax, though…he was just being silly; his statements hold no water.

Also, I’m pretty sure I got screwed when it comes to the primaries and voting because I registered to vote-by-mail, but I’m not a registered Democrat, and Alabama never sent me my ballot, so I guess my vote in the primary isn’t getting counted. I wish I had thought all that through sooner, but the reality is this: come the election at the end of this year, even if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, I’m writing his name in. So it’s not so much that I chose to not vote, it’s that I didn’t calculate out that the primaries wouldn’t send me anything.

Some of the information I’ve seen lately has shown some less-than-surprising realities that the elections may be rigged after all. One of my friends posted a photo that showed that despite there being no votes whatsoever having been tallied and 0.0% of delegates had voted, Hillary Clinton had already won in that arena. I’m not joking: it says “won” beside her name despite the fact that there was no other information.

Call me crazy, but when you say that someone who has no votes has already won, well…that’s ridiculous.

Sanders may ultimately turn out to be a crook, as any politician could easily be, but he’s the first person I’ve seen who has any kind of integrity and isn’t crazy or in the pocket of Wall Street.

There’s also that thing where he’s supported equality since way back when while Ms. Clinton was still opposed to Marriage Equality (but was in favor of Civil Unions) until around 2008 when she was running against our current president.

I don’t normally ramble about politics because politics aren’t my field of expertise. However, I’ve also run into people who pretended that politics were their field, and they honestly sounded like they knew even less than I- and that’s saying something.



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