My Heretical Thoughts on Star Wars

Star Wars is a sort of cultural phenomenon. My husband and I went to see Episode VII with some friends last year just before Christmas. The movie was entertaining and intelligible to people who are unfamiliar with Star Wars as a whole.

Star Wars has a bizarre history of the first three movies being a trilogy that begins with Episode IV. Episodes I, II, and III weren’t made until the late 1990s. Episodes I, II, and III have received a widespread criticism among fans and non-fans alike.

I’ve never been a big fan of Star Wars, yet I felt after watching Episode VII that I had better go back and watch all the movies to get a better grasp of the story.

So I put the movies in my Netflix DVD queue, and they came in the mail, in order, and I watched them over a period of weeks while my husband was on Temporary Duty.

Well, most of them, anyway.

I didn’t see what was so terrible about Episode I. Fans almost universally hate Jar-Jar Binks, but I didn’t find him any more or less annoying than other annoying characters in movies. Episode I had tedious points, but then I got to Episode II.

Good. GRIEF. Episode II, the Clone Wars, was nothing but a tedious experience for me. I couldn’t stand it and almost turned it off several times.

Episode III made more sense as we actually got around to seeing a plot and the character development. It still had terrible, awkward dialogue at certain points, the sort of dialogue that nobody in the real world would ever have even under the exact same circumstances, and I shook my fist like an old man at the writing.

Then finally, Episode IV arrived, the Episode that started it all.

There’s nothing I can say about Episode IV that would not be deemed heretical by the Star Wars community as a whole, resulting in my being torched alive.

Episode V was my favorite out of the older series; it felt solid and made sense. I didn’t hate watching it, though my mind drifted as it always does in Star Wars movies.

HOWEVER, by that point in time, I was so sick of Star Wars that I took Episode VI out of the queue. Return of the Jedi will have to wait until another day for me to watch it because I wanted nothing more to do with Star Wars after suffering through the movies. There are way more interesting stories that I would seek out.

I will say that Yoda is my favorite character along with R2D2 and BB8. It’s strange to define a robot as “cute,” but I’ve always thought R2D2 was cute.

I realize my opinions are probably upsetting to some long-time fans, but it’s one of those situations where different people like different things. Not much I can do about that.  I am not and have never been one to pretend to like things that I don’t.




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