Belief-o-Matic Quiz from Beliefnet

You should check out this quiz by clicking here.

No surprise that in taking this quiz, I got “Unitarian Universalist.”

I don’t take issue with getting “UU” on the quiz. I take issue with with how limited the scope of 20 questions are.

My issues with this quiz are as follows:

First of all, I can largely tell which questions are linked with which religions.

Second, sometimes, multiple answers would apply and aren’t mutually exclusive, but I was forced to choose only one.

Third, sometimes none of the answers would be my actual response to the question!

Fourth, sometimes multiple answers would apply to the same religion, and one answer would stick out like a sore thumb as a different religion.

Maybe I’ll spend the next several days going through and answering the questions as blog posts. That might become tedious, but I could do several questions a day and go from there- everyone would see what I chose versus what I would actually say in real life.

Everyone probably knows by now that I look at theology and so on as the starting points, not the ending points. We’re on to a Mystery here, and the Mystery needs to be explored, discussed, argued over, debated, and many, many blogs written about it.

Anyway, have fun with the quiz, and let me know something on Facebook or on here!



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