Tornadoes fascinated me when I was a kid, mainly because I watched the Wizard of Oz one too many times.

Real tornadoes are much scarier, and they’re not as fascinating at night because they’re just dangerous at that point.

Most of my life, I lived in a brick house, and most of my life, tornadoes didn’t visit around our house. I have no idea why. They just didn’t. In areas close to us, yes. But not around our land.

As an adult, I think about the damage, the clean-up, the cost- these are things that kids don’t think about. This when tornadoes get real and become problematic.

Our modern-day technology of iPhones have a built-in warning system that overrides the mute feature to let us know of impending weather. The Tornado Warning alarm went off last night, so I turned on the TV to try to deduce what was happening.

Here’s the bizarre part about Tornado Warnings- I always thought that a Tornado Warning meant that someone had spotted a tornado that had touched down, and that it meant to seek shelter. However, that’s apparently not what they mean- apparently, a Tornado Warning means that there’s a particular powerful cell of storm activity that may well become a tornado.

My husband slept through the majority of the ordeal (he had to work today) while I stayed vigilant, making sure everything would be okay.

I mentioned on Facebook that we live in a mobile home and tried to do research about the durability of mobile homes in tornadoes. The general consensus is that they’re dangerous to be in, but other people have pointed out that the newer models are far sturdier than the older ones, and that if a tornado goes directly through any building, it’s going to be destroyed.

So there’s that.

Friends and family were super supportive and offering their places for Christopher and me and the animals, and I’m thankful for such a great social network.

The only trouble is attempting to drive in bad weather. It might actually be riskier to drive to someone’s house than it would be to stay here. We need a shelter nearby.

The last time we had a bad storm like this, Chris was away on Temporary Duty- so the whole thing was scarier in so many ways, and that was when I made up my mind that one day, we’re going to live in a house as opposed to a mobile home.

One day.

Until then, Scary Weather, stay away.



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