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My husband found the above GIF and said that it reminds him of me when I’m typing furiously on the computer.

My daily updates to the blog have actually been written on different days, and I’m scheduling the updates for later. This isn’t a good practice- sometimes I might write three or four blogs in a day, and then schedule them for the next week.

This takes me out of the habit of writing each day- not a good place to fall because then the motivation to write when the writing bug fails to bite.

And that happens. A lot.

Starting a new blog has been a way to capture my writing again. But I’ve already said that somewhere or really, really thought about writing it down so much that I actually believe that I wrote it already.

So there’s this new dish that my husband and I love- pear halves with mayonnaise and cheese. Absolutely delicious and amazing. Well, technically, it’s not a new dish; I’ve eaten these my entire life but never realized how much I liked them until this past week when we had some at Chris’s church.

My stepson and I discovered a new TV series on Amazon Prime Video- “Just Add Magic.” It’s a kid’s show about three girls who find a magical recipe book in their attic and set out to heal the grandmother of one of the girls…and there are all kinds of ensuing problems with the spells that basically teach them some kind of moral.

Most kid’s shows are terrible, with terrible ideas, terrible writers, and terrible acting. Just Add Magic isn’t any of those things, and it includes Amy Hill who played Grandma on “All American Girl,” the first ever sitcom with an Asian-American family. Grandma was one of the funniest characters ever on a TV show, but they canceled All American Girl because of conflicts with Margaret Cho’s weight or something like that, and they replaced All American Girl with a show that I absolutely reviled- The Drew Carey Show.

Margaret Cho has said in her stand-up, “Because you know Drew Carey’s so skinny.”

Well, he’s lost weight since then, but at the time of his show, it’s true that he wasn’t the thinnest person around.

Oh, well. Maybe All-American Girl wasn’t that great; it could be nostalgia clouding my vision. I thought it was funny as a kid, and we didn’t get another Asian-American sitcom until Fresh Off the Boat this last year.





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