Time for Something Lighter

Shifting gears from the somewhat deep ideas of which I’ve lately been writing, let’s talk about something that’s almost humorous: I’ve started eating spinach right out of the bag.

Yes, yes, you can buy bags of pre-washed spinach from the store, and then you can pop open a bag and eat spinach leaves instead of potato chips.

Spinach-in-a-can always has a strong bitter taste that fresh spinach leaves don’t. In fact, I would suggest people replace lettuce with spinach when making salads as this seems to be a healthier alternative.

Trying to eat healthy isn’t always easy. Our bodies are addicted to eating not-healthy foods because they’re so easy and often cheaper, and then there’s the whole issue of having to actually prepare healthy dishes. Why go through the trouble of making a homemade pizza that’s loaded with veggies and flavor when you can buy one at the store and pop it in oven?

So you’re either looking at eating a lot of raw fruits and veggies, or you’re looking at spending a lot of time cooking. That’s fine for someone like myself; as a homemaker, I have the time and ability to do that. But imagine someone with even a semi-busy schedule and children.

And I really need to focus on healthy foods because there are all kinds of diseases that run in my family- heart disease being a major one. Combining my anxiety, Type A personality, and probably genetic predisposition for heart trouble, I’m a time bomb that’s ticking away.

Do what you can. I’ve started drinking a glass or two of V8 or some kind of vegetable juice each day. I drink a glass of grape juice each day. Some people praise the benefits of red wine, and by no means do I knock them for that, but I’ll stick to the grape juice.

Of course, it’s possible to be really healthy and have a really in-shape body and then get hit by a bus.

Wait. Wasn’t this blog supposed to be lighter in tone?

Some awesome ideas include the whole “juicing” thing that’s popular since the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” came out, but when they started talking about how much money it takes to feed a single person on juicing per month, it was beyond the means of most people in the USA.

But V8 and grape juice are a start.

I mean, this really does bring us to the point- the amount of fruit and veggies we would have to eat to sustain us is outrageous. Most people would spend the entire day chewing!

That’s not a justification for saying that a stick of butter with every meal is a good idea. Maybe for a lumberjack some 200 years ago, a fatty breakfast of sausage, eggs, bacon, butter, and so on would’ve made sense as fuel for cutting down and lugging trees all day long, but most of us aren’t out doing things nearly that intense.

Then there’s bread…well, I can’t start on bread or this blog will double in length.




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