Saying What You Mean and Nostalgia

Over the course of my life, people have constantly misunderstood me, or, at worst, distorted my words or outright lied about me. My crafting words together to convey what I mean is no small feat and is largely a reaction to having been misunderstood so often.

There’s a tendency for people to say things that they don’t mean, and this creates an extra burden on the listener who has to dissect what the person meant. Often, people are so lazy intellectually that they just don’t bother, and so they accept what someone says at face value.

An example would be when a former friend of mine referred to a singer and said, “She can’t sing.” Well, that isn’t the case; the singer, in question, does have the ability to sing, to match notes, to stay on key, to carry a tune, what have you.

What the friend in question meant is, “I don’t like the way this person sings.”

Not liking the way someone sings is not, and has never been, equivalent to a person being unable to sing. A lack of ability to sing produces an altogether different sound and experience, one that alternates between dullness and squeakiness to even the untrained musician.

A somewhat irritating thing that appears in every generation is the complaint about how music just isn’t what it was anymore. Some memes online even go so far as to say, “Your music really does suck” and so on. This is ridiculous- it seems to happen with every generation, so it’s bizarre that a generation that’s just grown up hears the music of the newer generations and repeats the cycle.

True, there’s music from eras past that I didn’t always appreciate when I was younger, but the more exposure I have, the more I hear the connection among the different songs. The influence from the past is often still present.

The other point to be made is that people need to lighten up and let the young people be young- let them have their journey in music and so on instead of forcing your ways on them.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and I would daresay all of us who listened to music in our teenaged years have songs that bring back floods of memory and waves of emotion. It’s what we had- it’s to what were exposed. Of course we think other people should like the kind of music we like, that meant something to us.

That doesn’t mean that I think all music is good, that I like all music, or that I think all artists are equally talented. No, that’s not my point at all. My point is that you cannot cry, “But these others came before!” and use that as evidence what’s there now is somehow degraded.

Something always comes before.




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