On Writing

Writing is, in many ways, my life blood. Somehow I spiral into these strange phases where I forget to write or don’t write or get caught up doing a million other things.

There’s no terrible need to present to anyone the chronology of my experience with writing as I’ve done in my previous blogs. I’ve written in one form or another for many years.

Let it be known that this blog is less about making a personal diary and more about making, well, a public diary. Venting and airing out all the things I need and to say but which would otherwise fall on deaf ears.

One major issue appearing on social media (specifically Facebook) in this day and age is the eyesore known as the “wall of text.” Facebook statuses early on were limited in how many characters one could post. Lifting the cap of characters per post has rendered Facebook the playground for idiots who can’t punctuate or spell or think, and we’re then assaulted by long statuses that would be better reserved for blog entries.

But let’s also be realistic- nobody wants to spend all day reading a blog. Long blog entries have historically been cut into daily pieces for me because as fascinating as they may be, some of them are tedious. Tedium isn’t exactly a way to garner readers.

Anyway, this blog is likely to be stream of consciousness. I’m here to make statements while also not making statements. I’m not here to argue. I’m not here to enage in debate. Discussions, conversations, shared opinions and perspectives, fine. However, I think that if I have to go on the defensive, it’s better to delete the comment and go my merry way.

How often will I update this blog? Who knows? I may completely forget about it. It’s a catch-all blog, not meant to be focused on a subject, just a place to write so I can keep myself from going crazy.

More on that in future entries.



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