Of Migraines and Recovery

For anyone who’s ever suffered migraines, they’re dreadful.

My migraines usually occur on the left side of my head, in the temple, and feel like someone’s baby-pinching me from the inside and won’t let go.

This process lasts for about three days, and then I feel weird little pops and bubbles moving through my body, and over the course of the third or fourth day, whatever’s inflamed in my body is “loosened up” and takes the pain with it.

Imagine the fizz from a soda running through your body…it feels like that at times. Could this be a more serious condition? Dear god, I hope not.

One thing I’ve tried to help with the healing of the migraine is turmeric. Much to my surprise the first time I tried turmeric, it did seem to help, but I wondered if it could’ve been the placebo effect.

The placebo effect is one of those bizarre things that some skeptics toss around in effort to dismiss pretty much anything without actually looking at the implications of it- the human body can heal itself simply by believing strongly that it will be healed by something.

If you ask me, that’s pretty amazing- that just believing without knowing or without any objective effect between the placebo and the actual condition can still render one healthy.

Turmeric is bitter. And yellow. Yellow and bitter. Yesterday, I counteracted this by adding some turmeric to chicken and then adding brown sugar on top of that. Let me tell you something, turmeric and brown sugar together on this chicken was a good life choice. I love brown sugar, and it countereacted the bitterness of turmeric. But it also probably damaged my body in other ways…because you can’t win in this life, and we’re all going to die.

Bitterness isn’t always a bad thing, though. I mean I like some foods that have bitter aftertastes, like fried rice.

Pretty soon I’m going to start talking about Reform Judaism and Unitarian Universalism. You kids had better hold on to your socks because I’m going to ROCK them!



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