Take a spoon and stir your drink

The taste of hot tea

As the year falls into chilliness

But we waited for this!

The Supreme Lord witnesses

The wheel of His own making

Through the despair of His servant

The tea is real

But so is the Watcher

Ah, you’ve dropped your spoon!




The wind came to be, made of the palaces of mermaids and sea witches

Mother said to him, “Don’t grow up so fast!”

Yet grow he did, big and strong and terrifying

Eating what warm food he could

He said to himself, “I will go to the seaside town!”

Michael was his name; he came without invitation

Just to huff and puff like that wolf that ate small pigs

The manatees stood at the gate and said, “No, you mustn’t come in!”

Brutish, selfish, he would not listen

Michael crashed the party anyway, a bad non-guest

Like the waves that crashed against the shore

He broke the roof

Blew out the candles

Poisoned the well

The seaside city fell asleep for years to come

Until the kiss of the people’s love could awaken it once more

Mother put Michael out after a time; death dressed him well

This is a thin blanket that does the job

But Mother cautions us that though Michael is gone

Mermaids and sea witches always build palaces




UU Stuff

During our almost-two weeks of evacuation time, I’ve interacted with my local Unitarian Universalist Church a LOT, in part checking on members to verify their safety and locations, and in part, helping to coordinate technical aspects like upcoming services and events as well as handling the communication among members for things like insurance.

I’m grateful for the ability to do so while still at a distance; I’m grateful for being able to contribute somehow in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. My involvement is active, and that makes me feel good. Each new task that pops up can be divided in smaller tasks, and I can accomplish those and make it all work, and it feels good.

Of course, what would feel even better would be doing this for a living and getting paid, but ya know, a guy can dream. One day!

In the meantime, I’m glad to do it out of love for my fellow humans and a vision of the common good. The help I’m able to contribute has a ripple effect and will make lives better.

On the homefront: Christopher thinks he may have found an apartment for us in Panama City Beach. I hope so. The sooner we can move in somewhere and re-establish a home, the better, and I’m ready for that.



Turmoil takes the day and shapes it

The artist of life is messy, like a child

The glitter is everywhere; on my hands, in my clothes

Adorning me and making me laugh

My laugh is the will of the Elephant-headed God Ganesh

Removing obstacles is inner work

Rocks of the heart smashed with the hammer of mirth

Smile, and then some